What ‘Spike’ discovered on Refereeing Children Rugby Union (Level 1)

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In September the KYBO! film crew went to talk to a group of Help for Heroes coaches and referees on Refereeing Children Rugby Union (Level 1). As you’d expect they were full of energy and enthusiasm for the game as well as the rewarding opportunities of becoming a better referee. Here’s a short film about Lieutenant-Colonel Graham ‘Spike’ Quant who’s been in the army for 36 years and who is now in his transition period. As Spike admits the laws have moved on considerably and the course is the perfect way to get re-acquainted with the skills he needs to develop. Spike was pleased to discover how much he enjoyed being in the centre of the action and controlling the game. However, the big challenge was how to be aware of all the other things going on on the pitch, whilst concentrating on the players with the ball. Sound familiar? Having been on the course Spike saw plenty of opportunities as a referee as well as the chance to give something back to game he played and enjoyed for so many years. Follow Spike’s example, keep your boots on and visit the KYBO! course locator where you can find details of your nearest Refereeing Children Rugby Union course. http://keepyourbootson.co.uk/rfu_courses/