Boot Clean  - Sunday 17th March

Boot Clean - Sunday 17th March

By Gareth Cross
13th March
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Our U15's will clean your muddy boots for you

As you all know It's about as hard to get a 15 year old to clean his own boots as it is to get a Brexit deal through parliament. But this coming Sunday the whole of the Teddington U15's squad will be at the club are offering to clean your boots, your rugby playing children's boots in fact anybodies muddy rugby boots.

The boys (supervised by a team of parents) with brushes, cloths and soapy water will be at the club this Sunday 17th March from 11:30am to 12:30pm. They will happily clean your muddy boots and restore them to their former side-stepping, swerving, showroom glory.....All in return for a small donation to the U15's Tour to Belgium. (The U15's will be playing in a local fixture and an international tournament in Antwerp over the weekend of 4th - 6th May)

See you on Sunday with your grubby boots and some loose change (apologies but credit cards not accepted).

The more and muddier boots the better.


Tim DAVIES - U15 Manager - 07737 867130

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