6 Nations Tickets 2019

6 Nations Tickets 2019

By Simon Davis
17th August 2018
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Applications to be submitted via email by 7th September

6 Nations Championship 2019


Ireland v England - Saturday 2 February, 15:00
England v France - Saturday 10 February, 15:00
Wales v England - Saturday 23 February, 16:45
England v Italy - Saturday 9 March, 16:45
England v Scotland – Saturday 16 March, 17:00

All members are now invited to apply for tickets for the above 6 Nations Home games: France, Italy and Scotland.

Applications are to be submitted via email return by 7th September 2018.
The RFU have already allocated individual clubs their ticket entitlement for the above home grade A Internationals. The draw for these tickets will be held once the closing date for the applications has been reached. The successful applicants will then be informed and payment requested. This will save unsuccessful members having their ticket application money tied up for a number of months

Grade B and C Internationals will be dealt with in the same way. The difference being, is now, you will get what you apply for. Therefore once ordered they must be purchased. There will be no refunds on these. Similarly there will be junior tickets (15 and under) for B and C games. However you cannot get junior tickets for the top price band in B Internationals.

Our RFU allocation for A Internationals and above has once again been reduced. However club tickets are appreciably cheaper. The club has added a £3 per ticket charge, which is incorporated in the prices shown below.

This years Prices are as follows:

1. France (10/02/19) Grade A International
£138, £118, £103, £85, and £58

2. Italy (09/03/19) Grade B International
£108, £91, £83, £71, and £48.
Junior tickets £15 with any price group other than £108 tickets.

3. Scotland (16/03/19) Grade A International
£138, £118, £103, £85, and £58.


Could you also please indicate an interest in either of the two away games? The tickets for these are allocated by the individual home nation, and as such we have no idea how many, or the cost of the tickets. However I can say that we usually only get a very small number, probably in single digits.

The online application needs to be forwarded to derekgrant@blueyonder.co.uk and must include:

  • Which game
  • What price and number of tickets
  • Name, contact number, and e-mail.
  • Position held with club

Priority will be given to Club Officials and volunteers, followed by members of the 100 club.

Do not send any money now.

Derek Grant
International Ticket Coordinator

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