GMS Youth Affiliation Process 1 of 7

1. GMS Affiliation Introduction

All players at Teddington Rugby must be registered with the RFU for insurance and communication purposes. No registration, no play.

From the 2021/22 season, all parents of new players U18 and below, must re-affiliate their child(/ren) on the RFU Game Management System (GMS) annually. This must be done before they can play in matches/festivals etc.

Some parents will be familiar with the system, but it will be new to others, so there are a number of scenarios of the route you must take, so please take the appropriate one below – if you have any queries please contact

New to the Club and/or GMS
Renewing Player Affiliation - I know my login details
Renewing Player Affiliation - I don't know my details
Adding a New child