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Vice Presidents

Although the club has nominated its Vice Presidents from our inception back in 1966 It wasn't until Saturday 8th March 2014 that we finally celebrated these special Antlers people with a VP's lunch. Needless to say that with some food and plenty to drink it was a roaring success. There is now at least one VP's lunch every season. Each VP can be easily recognised by their ruddy glow, yellow stripey tie (pin badge for the Ladies)and wilingness to buy you a drink.

The next VP's lunch will be held at the club on Saturday 24th March 2018, don't miss it.

Here is the list of the clubs 63 esteemed Vice Presidents that have been honoured since we were born back in 1966. They are all people who have in their association with the club been active 'doers' and have gone above and beyond the call of duty. They are or were the very essence of what being an 'Antler' is all about. Once appointed VP's should briefly sit back and bask in their glory. But then are expected to continue to help and support the club in any way they can. Either in a defined role, or by generally offering their time, effort or expertise. We thank and salute you all:

  • Rob Allen
  • Ken Beesley
  • Mark Boote
  • Len Broughton - (Deceased)
  • Rod Bromfield
  • Zoe Bryans - formerly Kirk
  • Tony Cannings
  • Simon Cartmell
  • Graham Churchill
  • Dave Cox
  • Steve Croft
  • Elaine Cross - formerly Black
  • Gareth Cross
  • Geoff Crust
  • Kevin Day
  • Lloyd Davis
  • Simon Davis
  • Alison Donnelly
  • Brian Donnelly
  • Georgia Doran
  • Ron Duck - (Deceased)
  • Sarah Edwards
  • Toby Everett
  • Fergus Farrell
  • Nick Gittins
  • Ian Glover
  • Derek Grant
  • Vince Harte
  • Ken Howe
  • Jamie Hutchinson
  • H G Ivison
  • Richard Jenkins
  • Susie Johnson - formerly Gibbard-Jones
  • Mark 'Taff' Jones
  • Karen Kirk
  • John Latter (Snr) - (Deceased)
  • Dave Lea
  • Mike Lightfoot
  • Giselle Mather - formerly Pragnell
  • Paul Manley
  • Tom Matthews
  • Clare Meadows
  • Ian Murray
  • Mike Neck
  • Jonathan 'Pat' Patrick
  • Peter Pownall
  • T Price - (Deceased)
  • A A Robson - (Deceased)
  • Mike Robson
  • Vince Ryle -(Deceased)
  • Rob Shapton
  • Charlie Stockwel
  • Joe Swanson
  • Ian Swanson
  • Mike Tarrant
  • Joe Topa
  • Tom Towers
  • Paul Tucker
  • Glen Washington
  • Peter Woolgar - (Deceased)
  • Chris Wright
  • Linda Uttley - (Deceased)
  • Adrian Yelland
  • Brian Donnelly
  • Ian Glover
  • Clare Meadows
  • Joe Topa
  • Glen Washington


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